Going Mobile.


In Chapter 5, BriggsĀ begins by talking about how innovation has changed the way in which a reporter can travel. There used to be so many things to stuff inside a backpack, but now it’s as easy as carrying around a mobile device.

So what does it take to do mobile journalism?
Firstly, he advises choosing your story. Also noting that journalism should come first while the technology, second.
Secondly, he advises for you to know how you fall on the equipment spectrum.
(Gearhead or light packer)
Thirdly, he talks about where you will be publishing your material. This is something you should think about before going out and getting your story. He mentions microblogging, live blogging, mobile video, and multimedia.
Lastly, he talks about mobile crowdsourcing. Since the story is so easy to get out to the audience- you have to think about them and be able to use them to your advantage.

Journalism has gotten easier over the years and technology only makes it easier. But Briggs offers great advice on what to think about when you’re in the field and what makes a good story.


So, Microblogging.


In Chapter 4, Mark Briggs talks about Microblogging and social media. The whole chapter discusses the explosion of Twitter and the ways in which Journalists now use this method to their advantage. They are able to now post only about 140 characters first, then later update the world with “fuller” versions of the story. He says that this is the best way for news outlets to stay relevant and fast in their news production.

It’s popular because it’s easy.
It’s important because it’s effective.

Then Briggs goes on to discuss Twitter. He discusses how to build your brand and use Twitter to your advantage.
What advice should you keep in mind when you post your next tweet?

  • Be relevant and timely
  • Be informative
  • Be instructive
  • Include links
  • Reflect your personality
  • Build relationships

Hopefully you already know the language of Twitter. If not, he suggests knowing that as well. Just as in any community, you need to know the language.

This was overall a simple chapter and anyone from the millennial age will know the basics of this just from growing up with this social media format. But nonetheless it’s a great read for someone who is just coming into the market.