If No One Reads, Why Bother?

In Chapter 11, Briggs discusses journalism not being able to survive without readership.
This is true. Just as artists cannot survive without fans, journalism cannot survive without readers.


The web is expansive and there’s room for everyone.
News is now competing with thousands of other sites for the same viewers.

Briggs notes that making smart business decisions in today’s world will be the most important skill to have. In this particular chapter he talks about content tracking, web analytics, search engine optimization, effective headline writing for the web, and distribution through social media.

Everything can be tracked and measured today. Even journalism.
Newsroom leaders track progress and skill levels of their journalists–
and this in particular shows that developing a culture such as this is important in a date-driven world.

Everything is tracked. So as a journalist, Briggs teaches you to track everything you publish. But what should you track? Everything.
His start list includes podcasts, blog sites, slide shows, video stories, email alerts, newsletters, etc.
He uses a web-based excel sheet as the easiest example to use.
He also advises to track your audience–
And using web analytics software is the easiest method in doing so.
(Look at page views, visits and unique visitors, engagement and referrers)

Search engine optimization will also help you out for viewership.
Spiders and robots, indexing, and queries are terms that you should understand in order to understand SEO.
The best way that SEO can help journalists is to grow your audience.
By using content, linking, title tags, HTML meta tags, and effective headlines you’re audience can grow.
Writing effective headlines is one of the most important that Briggs points out.
How do you do this? KEYWORDS, using conversational language, and not being afraid to inject a little attitude.

And the very last tip he gives is to target specific channels. Find the site that will most benefit your content. Where are your readers? Find them and get them.


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