What I learned about Twitter


Why use Twitter?

Because it’s fast paced and can reach a massive amount of readers all at once!
So where did Twitter come from? It was Jack Dorsey who introduced the idea of using an SMS to communicate with a group of people.
It took of in 2006 when it was used at a conference and became a hit over night.

But what is it?
It’s a micro-blogging interface that allows users to build a network.
Users can read tweets, produce tweets, reply to messages, follow people of interest and you can use hashtags to make your tweets popular.

Don’t over tweet.
Be timely and informative.
Build relationships.
Be professional.
Don’t bully people.
Don’t get addicted.

Just like any social media, don’t use the service to hurt people but be positive and use to the tool to your benefit and not your demise.


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