Why Facebook

Oh Zuckerberg.
We’ve heard so much about him- and for good reason.
He’s created something super successful with millions of users.
Over the years, it’s progressed into something that can easily compete with other social media networking platforms.
It’s made MySpace obsolete. WOAH. Remember when that was a thing?

And now they’re trying to buy Instagram…
Good thing that didn’t happen.

But why Facebook?
What makes it different?
You have your own profile!
You can interact with all of your followers!
Brands and Companies.
You can stay up to date with your favorite businesses.
You have one centralized place to update yourself on what’s happening with your friends.
You get to share photos and see your friend’s photos.

White thumb up next to the like from social networks on blue bac

SO what should you do on Facebook?
Be active and engaging. People like content they can relate and engage with. Photos are usually best for this or posts with discussion topics. Just have fun with your posts and you shouldn’t have any issues.
But when can it go wrong?
When you post too much or you post about controversial topics that can put you in a bad situation. Keep your profile professional and positive.


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