Careers in digital journalism?

I came across an interesting article the other day.
He questioned whether there is such thing as a career in digital journalism.
He talks about people wanting to be startup status in order to be billionaires.

download (1)

Most startups in the journalism space are becoming “platforms.”
He says that people will get rich, but it will be those people and not you.
Journalists will not get rich off these startups and especially off their journalism career.
Job prospects look good coming out of school because people want young, “hungry,” journalists-because their cheap.
What are the odds that those entry level jobs actually become careers?

I think think this myself…how often will you get in a job and be able to grow into a career- a well paying one at that?
And by career he means a place where you become more valuable…
doesn’t that sound nice?

It’s an interesting read. Go check it out.


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